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Digital and Sports Entrepreneurship: Former Sports Activists Integrity in Sports

Digital and Sports Entrepreneurship: Former Sports Activists Integrity in Sports

The training programme introduced by SKS365, a leading VC operator at the European level คาสิโนไทย, through its brand devoted to CSR, a training programme and the LVenture Group, is very important. The objective is to make digital business executives with the retired professional sports people who are involved in the Sports Class for Digital Entrepreneurship.

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Sport integrity 

After the first two seminars on professional identity and the corporate environment hosted by the LVenture Group’s Open Innovation division, the third appointment is devoted solely to Corporate social responsibility and sport integrity 3win2uu.com/th/th-th/ and is scheduled to take place on Monday 19 April. The SKS 365 team’s experts, one of Italy’s leading players on the betting and gaming industry, will give lectures on these issues, with Simone Farina, former football player’s important contribution and an example of sports ethics.


30 former participating professionals are in different disciplines, like Stephen Makinwa sportsmen, 120 shows, 16 goals and series A with the Lazio, Chièvo Verona, Reggina, Palermo, Giovanbattista Venditti, 34 caps and 8 Italian Rugby teams, former ba BA Venditti, and 16 Series-A with the Lazio, Chievo Verona and Atalanta. Sportsmen like Stephen Makinwa are in the same class.

The workshop’s theme and purpose is to provide an analysis of “the context of the sports system,” to understand the biggest risks behind a sports business project. Illegal phenomenon, such as the fixation of matches, are specific and grave risks which must be recognised through the use of industry resources for someone wanting to start a company on this market.

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Match fixing 

Another part of an illicit business circle of €120 million worldwide [Europol,2020 data] that takes place when the match is played to a pre-determined outcome totally or partially. Antonio Papa, SKS365’s Director of Business Analysis will clarify how the entire structure will be dynamical and methodological. 

The seminar will continue with Farina’s speech, whose testimony began with covert bets, settled matches and the second portion of the ‘Last Bet’ activity in 2011. Following the end of his sports career, Farina would talk about his own personal career and the world ambitions he accomplished.

Training leads to young generations’ success and development – Added Farina – For me it is a valuable opportunity to build the workshop on defence of the principles of sport. I would gladly help to recognise match fixing as one of the major threats to the dignity of sport. I sincerely believe that profound insight and information-sharing, expertise and thought-sharing are the strongest weapons to defend the world of sport that must convey good and healthful values.


Digital Sport Entrepreneurship in Sports is a Digital Sports expertise and SKS365’s profound knowledge of the world of sports that meets the needs of many ex-professional athletes to get a second chance after they have finished their sports career. In reality, most of them find it hard to get out on the labour force, without the right experience or expertise. In June, the preparation will be concluded with a demonstration of the best project that will be introduced on the markets of the participants during the course.

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